Seminars: Why Are They Popular, and What Advantages/Disadvantages Are There to Attending One?

By Vishal P. Rao

Seminars dealing with “special topics” have actually been around for decades, and are an older form of marketing and information exchanges, that have seen quite a resurgence of interest in the past ten years.

Seminars are simply a group of people coming together for the discussion and learning of specific techniques and topics. Usually there are several keynote speakers within each seminar, and these speakers are usually experts in their own fields, or topics. Several topic reviews are scheduled each day throughout the seminar, and attendees can usually make their choice of topics from among these scheduled events.

Many individuals attend seminars each year, some attending several times a year. The topics of seminars can be as varied as the groups attending them, but in particular, there has been a rise of Internet Marketing Seminars over the past five years, due to the increased interest in this field.

What then are the advantages and disadvantages of seminars if you choose to attend or if you’re thinking of attending?


1. A wealth of knowledge usually, presented by many speakers at one time in one place. A lot of “learning” at one clip, with most material compressed into two or three days’ worth of time.

2. A sense of camaraderie, where individuals can meet others with the same interests/problems/concerns that they may have in their chosen field.

3. A sense of renewed hope and inspiration (this is especially true for Internet marketing seminars), as sometimes business concerns are lessened by sharing experiences with others. Being with others that “understand” individual’s problems or concerns, is usually a great morale booster!

4. A great way for those that don’t like to read, or attend classes, to improve their knowledge of a specific subject.

5. A nice vacation, in usually, a good hotel. Most seminars take place in quality hotels, as this is part of the incentive to attracting attendees.


1. Cost, of course, as all attendees must absorb their own costs. The seminars themselves sometimes also have an entry fee that can be quite high. All travel costs, food costs, hotel costs, and other miscellaneous costs must be absorbed by the attendees.

2. The chance that the speakers may be sharing incorrect knowledge, or not at all knowledgeable themselves (it pays to make your own assessments of presented topics, not just blindly “follow the pack”). Tips, tricks, and strategies need to be weighed as to “worth” and “accuracy” before using these. Careful thought rules here.

3. The time spent away from your actual business, or life, to attend. Time is always a concern when scheduling activities and some individuals simply can’t spare the time away from their lives for activities such as this.

4. The chance that the topics may not actively help your business or your concerns, and that the seminar will be a waste of time, where nothing you learn is of any use to you.

5. The chance that attendees will expect too much from a seminar and thus be disappointed. Realism must rule here. These are not “instant answers” to anything.

Overall, seminars, if chosen carefully, can be a good experience. They are not miracle cures to business problems or other problems, however, and this must be kept in mind when deciding to attend a seminar. These are, after all, optional events, and success or failure in business or life will probably not hinge on attendance at seminars!

Many different methods of learning business strategies and life strategies exist for those that don’t have the time flexibility or money flexibility to attend. Just visit your local library or local community college, and you’ll find a wealth of knowledge on all subjects. Read a book concerning your issues, or take a class, and you’ll find these can be great alternatives to seminars.

After all, education exists in many forms, not just at seminars!

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