Most Businesses Overlook This Valuable Resource. Does Yours?

Most Businesses Overlook This Valuable Resource. Does Yours?
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Your sales figures are sky rocketing, your employees are at capacity, and office space is diminishing. Your business is thriving, but you want to push forward while your market is ripe. It’s time for some more dedicated employees! The only problem is your current office space just won’t allow it. You have your accounting department crammed in a small, back office as it is. It’s time for that larger building you’ve had your eye on this past year.

Wait! There’s a better and much cheaper way…

You may not have realized it, but there’s a talented and highly qualified workforce out there desiring to work for your company. And they don’t need that extra office space you’ve been eyeing because they have their own. They are hidden all across the world in the comfort of their own homes.

Not in a million years I hear you say? There’s no way you’d hire someone you can’t keep your eyes on eight hours a day? Well, your missing out on some of the most talented and dedicated workforce in the world today. I’m not talking about those wanna get rich stuffing envelopes and assembling crafts dreamers out there. I’m talking about highly educated and qualified, career-oriented individuals wanting to work for legitimate companies from their homes.

Not everyone wants to be crammed up in that stuffy, overcrowded office of yours for 8 hours a day. It’s nothing new, employees have been doing this for over 30 years. However, with today’s advances in technology this workforce is growing at a rapid pace. More than you probably know. And if you, as a business owner, refuse to notice this valuable resource you are truly missing out on a goldmine of dedicated, hardworking employees.

Utilizing work from home employees have proven to increase productivity and employee satisfaction while decreasing the expenses of high real estate costs for those business owners willing to hire them. You’ll soon learn that telecommuting isn’t about a convenience for the employee, but a smart way for business owners to save money while growing their business. In the next few paragraphs I hope to convince you of this.

Four Reasons Why Your Company Should Hire Telecommuters 1. Telecommuters Save Their Employers Overhead Expenses

Because those wanting to work from their homes already have an office, a computer and access to the internet, the employer isn’t required to provide and pay for these services. I should note that some employer’s do offer compensation for this, but most teleworkers don’t demand it. And the internet provides many ways of communicating with your telecommuting employees from across the globe.

By using a virtual work team, you can avoid the expense of a larger office, along with the increase in your utility bills, and invest that money in other areas to grow your thriving business.

2. Telecommuters Are More Productive

There’s no hanging around the water cooler talking to colleagues about plans for the weekend in a telecommuting arrangement. In fact, home workers tend to work harder to prove to their employer that this working arrangement is indeed worth it…for the both of you. Office gossip and politics never get in the way of a telecommuter.

Full days off due to car problems and doctor visits are a thing of the past. And those two hours spent in traffic can be used more productively to finish up that project before it’s deadline.

Statistics show, time and time again, telecommuting employees are more productive than their fellow in-office associates.

3. Telecommuters Are More Dedicated Due to Higher Morale

Telecommuters are able to control their own schedules and avoid those long, stressful commutes in heavy traffic. This alone leads to an employee that is more loyal to you as an employer. Therefore, you’ll see a drop in absenteeism and days needed for time off.

Recent research sponsored by AT&T has shown that employees who telecommute can save their present employers as much as $10,000 due to less absenteeism and increased job retention.

4. Telecommuters Present No Geographic Boundaries

No more having to place an ad in the paper hoping the right employee will march through your doors. And no more expensive relocation expenses for those that qualify, but live in another locale.

You will have the ability to pick the best talent from across the world. This will enable you to find that perfect employee with the right set of skills for your job opening. You’ll no longer be restricted to the talent in your local area.

So are you convinced yet? These are only a few of the many benefits of hiring at-home workers. According to the American Interactive Consumer Survey, employed teleworkers have increased from 11.6 million in 1997 to 23.5 million in 2003. The trend is here to stay and smart business owners should tap into this valuable resource of telecommuters.

To learn more about the statistics of telecommuting take a look at the Annual Telework America Study conducted by the ITAC and sponsored by AT&T:

Keith Barnett currently telecommutes part time as the Internet Marketing Director of a large custom screen printing and embroidery company in southwest Florida. He owns and operates, a site dedicated in helping telecommuters connect with companies offering legitimate work from home jobs.

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