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The landscape of lead generation marketing is complex and confusing, even to specialists in the field. To help with their onboarding and training in this area, Straight North, a Chicago-headquartered agency, created a flow chart to give staffers a comprehensive visual of the entire terrain.

The chart proved so useful, they turned it into an infographic, titled “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem” hoping it would help other lead generation marketers gain valuable insights to improve their campaign processes.

For many organizations, the back-end processes, pictured below and to the right of the COMPANY WEBSITE hexagon, are where missing elements and missed connections are present.

For instance, a lot of companies fail to track phone inquiries, thus making it impossible to accurately gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns. Standard Google Analytics does not track phone leads, and because they require a special setup, companies often don’t even realize that granular phone tracking is possible. It is and should be incorporated into every campaign.

Another area that is frequently missed: lead validation. Lead validation is the process of separating sales leads from non-lead conversions. Since non-leads comprise a high percentage of conversions (about 50 percent, based on available data), lumping all conversions together gives companies a hazy impression of results and causes campaign managers to make hazy, and therefore bad, decisions with regard to A/B testing.

We hope the infographic helps you spot weaknesses in your campaigns that you can correct, and put some distance between yourself and the competition in the quest for new business.

Download the full PDF here.

About Straight North

Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, a Chicago-based SEO agency that also offers PPC and web design services.

Infograhpic created by Straight North

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