The Cheat Sheet for a Successful Morning Routine

Written by Therese Padilla

There are three hundred and sixty-five mornings every year, and today’s successful professionals take advantage of all of them with a morning routine. We know the idea of a morning routine isn’t new, but we invite you to think again about how you use it. Below, we’ve created a morning routine sheet that you can implement easily today! This routine includes developing a to-do list, intentional learning, answering emails, and checking-in with your team.

Before you hit the office, start your day off with these two activities.

First, create a to-do list(You can download our handy one page sheet) .  This tool can send your productivity skyrocketing! There are a variety of ways to structure your to-do list. You can prioritize projects on your list based on their importance. Or, you can group similar tasks together.

Second, take time for intentional learning. It’ll help you stay updated on the latest trends and news in your field, which can increase your effectiveness and productivity. If you’re a business professional, check out Entrepreneur’s list of top books for 2018. If you’re in a rush, listen to podcasts or webcasts. Since you don’t have to read them, they’re ideal for any commute.

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Once you’ve arrived in the office, you can complete the final two parts of your morning routine.

Next, review and respond to your emails. You can easily update your to-do list with any tasks lurking in your email. Then, designate specific times for revisiting your email.

Emails are notorious for disrupting workflow and stalling productivity. So, by establishing set email times, you can minimize their interruption.

The final step in a morning routine is to check-in with your team. Ensuring everyone’s in tune with goals and objectives boosts communication and collaboration within the group, raising productivity.

A morning routine is a staple for today’s successful and productive professionals. An effective routine includes building a to-do list, learning, responding to emails, and checking-in with your team. You’ve got hundreds of mornings in your career, take advantage of them!

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About the author

Therese Padilla

Therese is President of the Association of International Product Marketing & Management. She is a product management professional with broad experience in all areas of product development and management, including consumer products, enterprise software in startups and large corporate environments. Therese created the first product management certification program at the AIPMM which she co-founded in 1998.